Who Is Soulfit Labs?

At heart, we are coaches, instructors, trainers, call it what you will...we love to teach! And we love to be taught!


Believe it or not, we’ve learned some of the most powerful lessons from our clients over the years. We’re also just a regular guy and girl who love to workout, grew up playing sports, and have developed a love for feeding our bodies the right way, after having done it all wrong for YEARS!  When you work with us, you're not just getting industry experience, you’re getting the mindset and habits built from real life struggles of having been where you are now.  


In short, we get an absolute KICK out of connecting our stories with yours. Motivating you motivates us. And seeing you take steps towards not just your goals, but a lifestyle that sets YOU up for success and is uniquely YOURS, fills us with JOY snd PURPOSE...this is why we are HERE.

We would love to get to know YOU, learn your STORY, and take part in your SUCCESS.