1:1 Health Coaching


When it comes to fitness, we take a holistic approach (workouts, mindset, and nutrition). This means your training goes WAY beyond just your 1 hour of working out. As your coach, we will uncover all the root causes that prevent you from reaching your body goals. Do you struggle with binge eating, crash dieting, lack of motivation, ADHD, metabolic issues, time management, meal planning, etc.? If so, personalized health coaching will help you solve all those issues. 

We provide you with a meal plan, delicious healthy recipes, home workouts, mindfulness exercises, strategy sessions, stress reduction techniques, and whatever else you need to reach your goals! 

All health coaching clients will receive weekly strategy sessions, meal plans, recipes, and custom workout programs delivered via app - True Coach. The True Coach App will contain your workout program with exercise videos, weekly check-ins, and store your progress metrics. As your coach, we will make sure you are held accountable for your home/ independent training and provide you with feedback on your form via built-in recording on the app. 

All of the nutrition programs and workouts are customized to meet your goals (as well as your access to equipment). You may be happy to hear hours of cardio and home workouts are NOT NEEDED when you eat clean, sleep well, and manage stress -- which is what our health coaching is for!